Here I sit

Sometimes I wonder why for some people things come so easily and others they work their whole life for nothing to come to them. I feel like I won the lucky hand in life and I often feel like I should be giving what I have to others, but I don’t always know how. How do I spread my good fortune to others? My friend is going through a great tragedy and I don’t know how to comfort her, how do you comfort someone through something you don’t quite understand. She has experienced death on a level I can not comprehend. The tragedies in my life haven’t been great and I wonder why me, why have I been so blessed to get to live this life? I have a family that loves me more than I may understand and money has never been much of an issue for my family. Not to mention I have a God that loves me so much that I know I will never ever understand the extent to which His love covers me. Maybe spreading His blessings to me is spreading His love, which is something I tend to be a coward with. How can I say I love someone, and yet not share His love with anyone? I want to make it a goal this year to be bold and to spread His love in any place I see fit, and also places that don’t seem fit. God has placed me in a situation where I see so much hurt on a daily basis and I have chosen not to do a thing, but He has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to do more than that, I need to love like he does, in the situation that it’s easy to love and the ones that it is not so easy.

If you read till the end I’m sorry for my scrambled post, but glad you made it through.