Flying in an airplane is one thing I could never get tired of doing. It takes what my everyday image of the earth is and blows it into new proportions; proportions that sometimes I cant seem to fully grasp. I like to think of it as that piece of art at the art gallery that up close is a cluster of pennies of obvious different ages from the varying colors, but when you take those couple steps back to take in the whole image (as people at art museums tend to do) you realize that mass of pennies is actually a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Which also then brings in a lot of irony that you wouldn’t have seen if you didn’t take those steps back to take it in just a little bit more. God has blessed us with the ability to see his creation on an up close and personal scale, seeing all the detail he’s put into it, but at the same not seeing the true detail at all (i.e. microscopic organisms and atoms). And suddenly I realize that in reality no comparison can compare to the perspective we see this world at because we could probably forever “zoom in” or “zoom out” of what we know as earth and life and never cease to be amazed by how much is put into what we take as an everyday occurrence. There are some amazing artists that have walked this earth, but none compares to the artists that resides in Heaven. If God took so much time to make the zoomed out version of earth just as beautiful as the zoomed in version then why wouldn’t he do that for every son and daughter that He has. The bible verse Matthew 6:30 comes to mind when I think about all this.

“But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?”

God took the time to make something (like a flower) beautiful beyond measure, just to wither away or be thrown into fire. God has poured everything He has into making His children who they are. However, seeing earth in this way doesn’t only make me think about how I am made, but also just how great God truly is. It’s views like these that make me ask how does anyone look at something like that and think it’s on accident? How does someone see how every field, lake, river, road, mountain, and forest makes a quilt across the seemingly tiny ground and think that it is just how it is. There is a God that is obviously greater than anything we could wrap our heads around. I can’t help but look out the window and want to sing, “Lord, we know that you are here now.”


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