Do you ever?

Do you ever just look at your life and think, “wow I’m blessed”?

Amongst all the hardship, the struggle, the stress you take a breath just long enough to see everything that you are oh so lucky to have.

Do you ever just look at the person sitting across from you on the bus and smile? They too are going through something. Maybe even something more than you are. That person has a story to tell.

Do you ever just look up to the sky and laugh?

God is watching over you and has already written your story and their story and the story of the husband you haven’t met.

Sometimes life gets hard and overwhelming and scary and I don’t know where to go or if I am even going in the right direction, but then it’s those moments that remind me who I am. On the days where I cant figure out what the purpose of life is, running from God trying to find the answer, He opens my eyes to say “you are my child” and reminds me that He is enough. He fills my soul with life and I once again reminded of who I am, a child of God.