The Bluff

Why I did a Social Media Cleanse.

Social media has become the norm today, it has become something that controls every aspect of our life, especially our relationships with people.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to build a relationship without the use of technology, whether that is a friendship or something more intimate. We judge people through a jaded lens that is their camera. We show what we want on our instagrams, say what we think people will want to hear on our twitter, show what we think will cause jealousy on our snapchat, but the reality is all of this is a façade for the pain, anxiety and depression that controls our society. I’m not going to say that I am not a culprit of this. I am.

I have continually caught myself not bothering to talk to someone because I have this calculated vision of who they are (or are not) because of what I’ve seen on their social feed, and yet I haven’t said more than the cordial “Hey, how are you”. This is not what I want to partake in. I want to have a relationship with people that is real, that is what I KNOW from TALKING to them, not through what they want me to know. People are a beautiful and fragile thing, and somewhere this has been lost.

We hide behind technology never talking about what is really happening in our hearts, never letting the guilt, hurt and sadness leave our souls because that would ruin our perfect image that the public sees. What is wrong with hurt, with letdown? We all experience it so why do we try so hard to hide it? We are riddled with pent up emotions because society has defined unrealistic levels of perfection that we are trying endlessly to reach.

I find it heart breaking to hear someone say “I have anxiety” and over half the group chimes in as to how it affects their life too. We no longer push ourselves to better who we are, why should we when everyone thinks we live a perfect life and we have 100 likes on that artsy picture? I want to be a better person in knowing people partaking in genuine, authentic and transparent relationships. I want to ask people what they have been up to without having a polluted view of that answer.

So many opportunities are missed as I spend my time scrolling through pictures of that girl in Europe and that guy who actually went to Chicago, instead of me who perpetually dreams of going. What if I spent less time being jealous of what people have (and I don’t), and more on what I do have and the opportunities that I can take, and are in front of me. I can learn more by reading, explore more of what is 10 miles down the road, work on my body image that I struggle with so much when I see others with what seems to be the perfect body.

A testimony that speaks to our corrupted society, we spend more time worrying about who is and who is not following us, how many likes we have received, what people are doing, instead of looking at what is right in front of us.Why are we offended for being “unfollowed”. Does that make me less of a “friend” if I don’t look at your pictures, but I don’t even bother to look up or talk to you when I walk into a room? I’m not going to accept it as the norm. I want to make a change. I want to be more than my bluff that is social media.


2 thoughts on “The Bluff

  1. If you have never seen it, I would suggest that you look up “Prince Ea – Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.” It should be on You Tube.

    We as a society have lost the art of communication – face to face and the ability to really talk. Take your stand, explore your world, see the people in it and relish those who you find along the way who help make your life full!!


  2. I love this. Especially the part that says anxiety may be a result of everyone thinking they have too perfect of lives. Hadn’t thought of it in that way before. Love you!
    Bae at Purdue


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