Crazy Horse Girl

Why do I ride? Maybe it is because I know he will never let me down. Or maybe it’s because every time I go to see my horse I learn something new about myself. Going to the barn never ceases to make me have a smile on my face. Never ceases to let me be me and not think about the worries of the world. My 1,800-pound beast has taught me compassion, patience and teamwork. He understands every feeling inside without saying a single word. I’ve learned teamwork is compromise and to work with strengths and weaknesses of both players to make the outcome perfect, but also that even if the outcome isn’t perfect that doesn’t mean you have failed.

You may say it is just a horse where do all these things come from, but to me it is not just a horse, it is my life. From age 6 I have been a top a horse escaping the things that my mind encaged me with. Even if it is just fifteen minutes spent alongside him or in the saddle they are fifteen precious minutes for my sanity, for the thoughts in my head to quiet themselves for just a moment and enjoy the ride. His flanks rise and fall with breath that I can akin myself to. Just as he does, I have a beating heart and can feel pain. He’s experienced many of my happiest moments, but also has been there through my toughest as I buried my face in his neck and his warm coat absorbed my tears. Horses have remained one of the only constants in my life despite all the major changes in life. The barn has always been a safe haven, a place where I can escape anything haunting me outside of my Eden.

Maybe to you, I seem like that crazy horse girl, and I won’t deny that I’m not, but that horse that made this girl so crazy really made her into someone she loved and someone that she could look into the mirror and say I’m okay.